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Prefab House 1

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Design Challenge:
The Client is a developer who is building an affordable, energy efficient house in the City of Chicago, whose homes are to be certified by the Chicago Green Homes program. The goal is to produce a home which is traditional in appearance to appeal to a broad market, affordable to mid income families, and utilizes a variety of sustainable approaches to conserve energy and produce cost savings over the long run.

Design Solution:
One of the main features is a super-insulated steel stud panel system for walls and roofs. The panels are manufactured in a local factory and shipped to the site for erection, minimizing material waste and construction time. The panels include a 2 inch space on the inside for electrical services and some plumbing services. Once the foundation is poured, the shell of the building can be quickly constructed in a few weeks and interior work can commence.

Other strategies include, high performance windows, energy star appliances, a fully commissioned high efficiency zoned furnace, rain barrels to collect rainwater, tankless water heaters, bamboo flooring, low-flow plumbing fixtures, and sensitive landscape design.

Challenge Images:
second floor

first floor

basement floor