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Residential projects vary in size, scale, and scope, from small to large. Projects include interior remodeling, total gut-rehabilitations, conversions to single family, one-room additions, large additions, new house construction, multi-family renovations and multi-family new construction. There is a new focus on sustainable materials and systems in all projects, but especially residential work.

Commercial work includes retail build-out, new retail additions, store remodeling, and a gas station remodeling.

Educational work includes providing architectural support to mechanical based projects in a variety of elementary, high school, and university buildings.

Industrial work includes additions for storage and hazardous materials.

Projects completed by Northlight since its inception in 2002 include Commercial, Residential, Educational and Industrial building types. We have experience in projects that vary in size, scale, and scope from retail build-outs, residential gut rehabs and additions to multi-family renovations and new house construction. A few of the over 200 projects designed by Northlight are featured here.