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Six Corners Bakery

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Design Challenge:
The bakery had been in the neighborhood for years, but the interior and exterior had become dated. The interior had not been remodeled, and the presentation of goods for sale was not consumer oriented. Finishes were worn, and the sale counter needed improvement.

The masonry on the exterior had started to shift due to age and wear. The parapet walls were damaged and the roof needed repair. Lintels at the windows were rusted and covered with sheet metals. The storefront materials were dated and worn, tile was cracking, and the signage was confusing. The existing entry doors needed to be replaced.

Design Solution:
The interior was completely remodeled with new floor tile, wall finishes, and wood trim. The original tin ceiling, which had been covered by ceiling tiles, was repaired and re-painted. New light fixtures were added to match the ceiling tin and modernize the space. New cabinetry and bakery cases were installed.

The masonry on the front facade was completely rebuilt and lintels replaced. New stone materials were added to the base to match the other storefronts on the street. Wider entry doors were added and the storefront replaced. New masonry and metal panels were added to the entry area, along with floor tile. The roof was rebuilt and portions of the parapet walls were rebuilt or replaced.

Challenge Images:

Existing Floor Plan

Solution Images:
New Floor Plan