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Conant High School

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Design Challenge:
The School District wanted to create a co-generation plant to purchase electricity in off-peak hours, and use it the next day during normal operation hours. Existing boilers, pumps and air handlers were inefficient and lacked a central control. Breakdowns in one part of the system affected others and repairs were constant. The rising cost of energy and operations were the main factors contributing to the School District’s decision to develop a co-generation system.

The existing loading dock area was too small for the number of deliveries the high school required and truck backups were a problem. The waste management system was affected by other daily deliveries.

Design Solution:
Existing boilers were replaced with a high efficiency type staged system. The chillers were replaced along with air handlers and pumps. An entire new building automation system was designed and installed to conserve energy. A new co-generation plant was installed which required increased amounts of fresh air.

A new intake tower was installed at the loading dock area to bring more air into the basement. A hallway was re-routed, classrooms remodeled, and the service dock area was remodeled. The loading dock itself was enlarged, along with driveways and accessory construction. The majority of construction took place during the summer, so students were impacted as little as possible.

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