Project Process

Here is a brief explanation of the process that typical projects go through to get from the idea stage to completed construction:

1. Programming, Site Investigation, Existing Conditions Documentation

Architect and client work together to establish basic goals for the project. The site is documented and existing conditions are explored. Field measurements of all existing construction are taken and used to produce ‘as-built’ drawings that become the basis for our design explorations. Local zoning and building requirements are checked to make sure that the project can be built, or to find out if zoning variances are required.

2. Design Phase

The creative work of architecture takes place during the design phase. The design of the project evolves during a series of meetings that explore the client’s goals and needs. Plans and elevations are produced and aesthetic considerations come into play as the qualities of the design are refined. Outstanding design is the result of a collaborative effort between Architect and Client.

3. Construction Drawings

From an approved design by the Client, we develop drawings to explain to contractors and building officials how the project will be constructed. Lighting design, plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, electrical systems are finalized along with any special construction details to reinforce the design concepts. Our team includes professionals who specialize in Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

4. Bidding and Negotiating

Northlight Architects can assist in distributing drawings to contractors, obtaining bids, and negotiating costs. We are happy to assist clients during their selection of contractors. If needed, we can offer referrals to a selection of trusted contractors with whom we have worked in the past.

5. Permit Approval

Our drawings are produced to obtain building permits expediently. We can assist in meetings with the Building Department and other administrative activities.

6. Construction Phase

The most successful projects are the result of Client, Contractor, and Architect working as a team. Construction Administration Services are the best way to insure that careful choices made during the design phase are produced according to the drawings. Field Observation by Northlight to check on progress of work, along with contractor meetings can help make construction go smoothly. Structural framing, code items, and major design features should always be reviewed to insure conformance with the drawings.

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Phases of the Project Process

design process
design process
design process
design process